Mediterranean style

The heated 14×7 metre biological pool is recessed into the marble paved floor and has a maximum depth of 1.40 metres. The water disinfection is performed automatically with natural sea salt. The entire length of the pool has a 2m wide, knee-deep ‘beach’ part, which is equipped with two air jet beds. An open-ceiling outside shower is available next to the pool. The spacious pool bar exhibits a changing room and a bathroom on its back. Behind the pool bar, there is a brick-built grill, which is leaning on the garden shed. These two elements are made of vintage ‘pietra leccese’ blocks.

Next to the Western entrance to the passage, stairs lead to the walkable roof of the building, which overlooks the surrounding fields and the village of Martano, which is approx. half a kilometre away. An installations shed that contains the warm water processing, the internet antenna and the main air-conditioning unit are located on the roof as well. A second installations shed with the groundwater well, the cold-water processing and tank is located behind the wall with the garden shed. According to chemical analysis, the ground water has mineral water quality, and it is only slightly softened with sea salt for in-house usage. Water pressure is kept at 3.5-4.5 bar (50-65 PSI)

On the East, South and West side, the building is surrounded by more than 2000 m2 of lawn, which is decorated with individual trees, boulders and bushes. Outside of this immediate surrounding, there are more than 100 fruit trees – lemons, oranges, figs, pomegranate, pears, cherries and other, local plants. The typical local cactus with their edible cactus figs are present in several colours. We happily provide instructions for the injury-free enjoyment of these delicacies.